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Excellent Rates for those who are Homeowners, claim free for 5 Years, with Excellent Credit.
Havasu Insurance is the "Go-To Insurance Agency" for Preferred Insurance

Serving Homeowners and Business Owners in Arizona - California -

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners - Landlord - Vacation Home - Second Home - Condo
Get Your Homeowners Insurance Quick, and Easy Through Havasu Insurance Agency 928-846-8003.

Once you have your Homeowners insurance you can start to save on other policies such as Auto, ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, etc.
Get Your Homeowners Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

Auto Insurance

Preferred Auto Insurance for People who are Homeowners, Claim Free for 5 years, have Excellent Credit, accident free, ticket free, continuous coverage, clean driving record, pay in full, homeowners who have lived in the home 2 plus years, who don't lend out their address to others to register or insure vehicles, and purchase in advance approx 25 - 30 days.
Get Your Auto Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

ATV Insurance

ATV's are fun to drive, however, having too much fun, sometimes, accidents happen.
Get Your ATV Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

Boat Insurance

There are many inexperienced Boaters and Personal Watercraft riders on our lakes and rivers. Boaters generally don't require a drivers license. Accidents happen all too frequently just like cars on a highway. You may want to insure your Boat in the event of an accident.
Many store their Boats in Arizona so that they can Register and Insure their Boat to save Money.
Get Your Boat Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

Motorcycle Insurance

We have Excellent rates on Motorcycle Insurance
Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Indian,... You name it.
Get Your Motorcycle Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is for Smart People.
Smart people know how much one accident can cost them. Millions.
Umbrella Insurance is to maximize your Liability unto others when you or someone on your policy may be found at fault. Umbrella Coverage is for Preferred Insureds that carry high limits and want to have additional coverage into the millions. One accident that sends someone to the hospital can easily cost millions. Bodily injury limits on your insurance policy only go so high ( Usual max at around 250,000 - 500,000 ) and after that it is on you to cover the rest. This is where having an Umbrella policy may help
Get Your Umbrella Policy Now. Call 928-846-8003

Business Insurance

Business owners and independent contractors need Business Insurance. It's very easy for someone else to get hurt around you at your business and for this reason you need insurance.
Get Your Business Insurance Now. Call 928-846-8003.

Business Owners Policy

If you own or lease a building you will want a Business Owners Policy for contents and General Liability.
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your
Business Owners Insurance.

General Liability

Service Businesses and Contractors need General Liability Insurance
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your
General Liability Insurance.

Workers Compensation

Before you hire anyone you need to have a Workers Compensation Policy in place. It's the Law. Workers Comp covers employees in the event of an at work accident. Business Owners / Employers can also get coverage for them self as well.
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your Workers Compensation Insurance.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When you use your vehicle for work, you may need Commercial Vehicle Insurance. If you advertise your business on your vehicle you may need commercial vehicle coverage. If you use your vehicle for work other than to get to work such as carry content, tools, or equipment, you may need commercial vehicle insurance.

Pick up trucks are often used for work and many times people unknowingly are not covered on their personal auto policies as they are using the truck for commercial purposes such as driving a ladder or a load of block to a job site. A ladder falls off the truck causes a very bad accident for cars behind them and the end result is no coverage. A business owner might be wise to never ask or allow employees to use their vehicle for work.
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your Commercial Vehicle Policy.

Commercial Truck

Specialized trucks, boom trucks, service trucks, usually should have Commercial Truck Insurance.
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your Commercial Truck Insurance.

Life Insurance

The only sure thing in Life is that one day it all ends. Some leave something behind for their loved ones. Others leave nothing. There are many types of Life Insurance to make it all confusing. Term Life is usually the the least expensive and easiest to get. Term life means you buy Life insurance for a specified length of time such as 15, 20, or 30 years payable monthly, quarterly, or annually. When you kick the bucket leave a fat check behind for those you love.
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your Term Life Insurance.


There are many types of Bonds.
ADOT Bond, Title Bond, MVD Bond, Defective Title Bond
Contractor Bond ( Required for Contractors License )
Contractor Performance Bond
Notary Bond
Dishonesty Bond
Janitorial Bond
Call Havasu Insurance 928-846-8003 to get your Bond.

Professional Liability Insurance


Errors and Omissions Insurance
E and O Insurance for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and RealtorsĀ®.

Havasu Insurance

Serving Homeowners and Business Owners in Arizona - California -

Call 928-846-8003

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Homeowners who have Excellent Credit, Claims, Tickets and Accident Free.
People who prefer Higher Limits of Insurance and Umbrella Coverage.

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