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How Does Insurance Companies Figure Out Their Insurance Rates

Most all insurance companies have an "Algorythum" that sets their rates and nearly every question you answer can affect your rates. Keep in mind they all do it differently and none of them admit how they do it as it is their propriety or secret sauce. Think about it. Once you get by the name every question can effect your rates. Your address, tickets, accidents, what you drive, how far you drive, who all is on the policy or in your home, what you do for a living, your age, your insurance score, your education, do you own or rent, is the car a lease, how long have you had the vehicle, and the list goes on. Do remember you must be honest in your answers when you apply for Insurance or you may be conducting a form of Insurance Fraud.

Can an Insurance Agency send you a mailer and say they can save you $387 or is that just B.S.?
We all know it is B.S., and yet they keep sending out those mailers to everyone.

When you want the No B.S. Insurance Agency you know you can call on us to tell you like it is and give you your best options.

There is a couple of reasons to have insurance.
1. It's the law.
2. Accidents Cost a lot of money.
3. Accidents Happen.

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