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To Get The Best Auto Insurance Rates and Coverage,
You need to shop Around
Preferred Insurance!

While the public generally has not heard the terms Non-Standard, Standard, or Preferred Auto Insurance,
The Insurance Agencies live by it.
Non-Standard Auto is Not an Option For Smart People Who Want Good Auto Insurance The term, "Non-Standard" Auto does not mean it's an insurance company from out of the country.
Some of the "Non-Satandard" may not have a huge amount of assets and may take a while to pay claims.
The Non-Standard auto companies usually have different names than you might be use to.
You know it when you see it or hear it.
Speaking of hearing it you probably hear their ads on the radio.
Non-Standard Auto is generally recognized by the low limits it offers the consumers up to 50,000 in Coverage. Think about it for just a few seconds,.... you or someone on your policy is At Fault in an accident, The other party get hurts real bad or even worse dies. Do you think the 50,000 will cover it?
In addition to that, many only buy the State minimum Limits which is around 10,000 / 30,000 / 10,000
Coverage or Policy Limits is everthing when it comes to insurance.
Shall we go up to the next level?

Standard Auto Insurance

Standard Auto insurance is the Big Guys or the Auto Insurance Industry, and you can get more coverage.
Let's face there are those people with no insurance, those people with little insurance,
those with Standard Insurance and those with Preferred Insurance.
Most Standard Policies get written for around 100,000 / 300,000 Policy Limits.
Guess what? This is not much more when it comes to being really covered.

Preferred Auto Insurance

This is where people who are smart and usually safe drivers get their Auto Coverage.
They usually get this policy among other policies like Home Owners Insurance etc.
Smart people know anything can happen.
Along the way it will happen one day and they want to be covered as much as they can.
Policy Limits may start as low as 100,000 / 300,000 and go up to 500,000 and more with a
combination Umbrella Policy in the Millions.
Not everyone will qualify for an Umbrella Policy, But if you can it is a smart policy to have.

For Excellent Coverage on Auto Insurance Ask For Preferred Auto Insurance.

Auto Insurance is required by parties operating a motor vehicle on public roadways.
as per the State of Arizona.

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